Bathroom / Microfiber

Bathroom Scrub Mitt

Mesh side pictured

This mitt is designed to be worn on your hand and makes it easy to clean and wipe down bathroom surfaces!

Odds and Ends about the Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt:

1)  Has 2 sides – a mesh “scrubby” side for tub soap scum and other grime that is so common on bathroom surfaces, and a plush microfiber side to wipe clean all of the residue and germs!

2)  Use the mesh side to clean even the flooring in the bathroom.

3)  This product carries a 2 year quality guarantee.  You should not have the cloth unravel or show signs of defect; Norwex stands behind their products and will replace it if this happens.  Note that when cared for properly cloths will last several years.

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